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MARCH 15th, 2018

How to bring in top dollar for your boat – 6 simple steps to preserve value.

These little things can make a big difference to a prospective buyer when it comes to making an offer on a boat or moving to the next boat

  1. MAKE SURE THE BOAT IS KEPT CLEAN! Get rid of the clutter. Yes, it’s a chore but it can add thousands of dollars to your boats value and accelerate the time of sale. This includes cleaning interiors, the deck and hull, bilge, lockers, bright work.
  2. THE HEAD – Make sure the head is the cleanest place aboard your boat and you won’t be sorry when it comes to the close.

  3. MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS – Make sure all systems are in proper working order before you put your boat on the market. There is no bigger deal breaker than a system failure during a survey, mechanical inspection or sea trial.