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Why I'm your Go-to-Guy for Buying A New or Used Boat

Using Chris as your buyer’s agent is a free service for you. The seller of the boat pays the fee.

Are you looking to purchase and import a boat from the states? We have over 182 combined years’ experience in importing boats in our brokerage. Avoid the pitfalls and hold your deposit in Canada in our trust account. Did I mention this is a free service?

Our list of current listings can be found here 

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We offer financing solutions from Walker Financial Services. If you are interested in financing please let me know and I would be happy to introduce you to our third-party lending partner.

When to begin the process of buying a boat? The earlier the better. The more time we have the more opportunities will come up on the market. Timing is essential as boats often come and go, we want to find the right boat that meets your needs and wants.

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